Hello, my name is Austen and I created this site as a resource for other computational mathematicians and scientists like myself. Developing websites is a hobby of mine, so in my spare time I will continue to add to its functionality. Contributions from the computational math, science and engineering community are welcome. My current e-mail is aduffy@math.fsu.edu.

I have a Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Florida State University, and am currently working as a computational mathematician for Citilabs. At Citilabs, I work on research and development of state of the art software to include in our Transportation Modeling Software Suite known as CUBE. To date, my primary work has been the development of the 'Analyst Drive' module which is an advanced matrix estimation program which optimizes origin-destination trip matrices to match traffic count data through data assimilation techniques.

More about me and my work as a computational mathematician can be found in the documents below.



All Papers and Presentations

My Resume

Where do computational mathematics and computational statistics converge? - Preprint, Accepted to Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics

Cube Analyst Drive Reference Manual - Technical documentation with mathematical description of the Analyst Drive program I created at Citilabs.

Production Level CFD Code Acceleration for Hybrid Many-Core Architectures - My NASA FUN3D Paper

Massively Parallel Algorithms for CFD Simulation and Optimization on Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures - My PhD Dissertation

Some scholarly works

Numerical Animation of a North Atlantic Right Whale

An Improved Variable Density Pressure Projection Solver for Adaptive Meshes

An Introduction to Gradient Computation by the Discrete Adjoint Method

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Contact Info

E.mail: aduffy@math.fsu.edu